happily Ever Amy - about me

Hi, I’m Amy.

Writer, roamer and photo wrecker residing in the Hertfordshire countryside.

I’m a writer and marketer by trade, an interior designer-decorator at heart and a wandering travel junkie in spirit.

Dangerous combination? I like to think so.

I live in a 17th century thatched cottage in Hertfordshire with my husband, my little and my doggo. We’re serial renovators and life is hectic but I’m not sure we’d know how to live any other way.

And when we wear ourselves out, we book trips. That’s just how we roll.

You’ll find my chaotic musings here on this blog. One second I’m discussing parenting, the next moment it’s paint. One day we’re visiting the beach, the next I’m contemplating the psychological affects of lockdown.

I’m hoping to add more travel and interior pieces to the blog, as well as more original photographs as the world gradually reopens.

Either way, I hope you find something useful, inspiring or at the very least, humorous here at Happily Ever Amy.

God speed x