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How to choose Curtains

Choosing the Right Curtains for your Space

Selecting curtain fabric to suit a room, colour, style and property is hard but it’s incredibly fun. Curtains add softness and texture to a room. They can add drama or romance, and lift a space to make it really sing. Often, they are what is holding a room back or making the space feel whole...

mottled paint effect walls

Specialist Paint Finishes for a Period Home

Decoding Specialist paint for historical properties When I first moved into our 17th Century cottage I didn’t think much further than Dulux or Farrow and Ball when it came to paint choices. However I live in a historic, Grade II Listed property and the walls in our living room and kitchen are over 400 years...

Parenting in pandemic

Parenting in a Pandemic

Diary of a new mum with a new baby in a new world My son Cameron was born at home in April 2020 during the worst Covid peak any of us had experienced so far. The pandemic was new to us. As was parenthood. So it was impossible to predict how both would coexist. Impossible...

ikigai and self-isolation

Self-Isolating Could Be The Best Time To Find Your Ikigai

According to the Japanese, we all have an Ikigai – a purpose and reason for being. But how many of us feel as though we’ve found our true purpose in life? How many of us are clear on the thing or things that bring us blissful happiness and satisfaction, and give our lives true meaning?...


Self-Isolation – The Greatest Social Experiment of our Time

Testing times are revealing times. They have a way of shining a spotlight on how we handle certain situations, forcing us to acknowledge whether we are the people we thought we were. The recent and somewhat unprecedented global shut-down in response to Covid 19 has thrown us all into the unknown, and we’re being tested...

hypnobirthing practice and tips

Hypnobirthing – a Guide to Getting Started

Everything you need to know about hypnobirthing – from a pregnant woman practicing. Hypnobirthing has become a bit of a trend, and is something that many pregnant women swear by whilst others remain sceptical. As a big fan of yoga, I have already dipped my toes into the world of mind-body connection, breathing techniques for...

back to basics

Complexity Climax: Why Society is Going Back to Basics

We are a society of overwhelmed individuals. Our constant strive for efficiency and desire to fit more and more into our busy schedules has left many of us feeling emptier than ever before. In an attempt to simplify normal everyday tasks we have subsequently increased the number of tasks that can be achieved in any...

online reviews

How reliable are online reviews?

I had an interesting experience with online reviews recently. As someone who regularly and automatically validates pretty much every purchase I make against online reviews, I realise now that I had stopped questioning the authenticity of said reviews and started taking them at face value. A similar thing happened recently when I decided to engage...

baby kicks frequently asked questions

Baby Kicks: Everything I wish I’d known

When I felt my baby kick and wriggle for the first time I wasn’t entirely sure that it was really him. What was that odd little twitch? I had been waiting for the flutter of butterflies or popping bubbles (which is how many women describe these first baby kicks) but what I had just felt...

packing for babymoon

Packing for a Babymoon

I’ve never been a particularly organised packer. I mean, sure… I fold my clothes and I separate my beach bits from my evening wear but my usual approach to packing involves bringing everything. Like, all the stuff I might wear and usually stuff I kind of know I probably won’t wear. That was until the...