Autumnal Walks in Hertfordshire

walks in Hertfordshire

One of my favourite things about living in the countryside is watching the seasons change.

On Sunday, we woke early to blue skies and frosted fields, and huddled beside the Aga with steaming mugs of fresh coffee to drink in the view.

With a nudge from Ted, we finished our drinks and headed upstairs to pull on our warmest clothes for a wintry dog walk in the Hertfordshire countryside.

But the frost had almost completely melted away by the time we left the house in wellies and woolies, making way for the rich oranges and yellows of Autumn.

Two seasons in one day.

Walks in Standon, Hertfordshire

Standon is a favourite walk of ours for many reasons.

The rolling hills deliver incredible views whichever route you choose.

It’s a place where isolated farmers fields meet quaint miniature villages.

A place where you’ll cross fellow walkers trudging through unpaved green fields, as well as a few local moovers and shakers.

You can walk for hours… if you can be assed.

Stopping to snap fluffy wildflowers in the low, winter sun.

Ted has his own reasons for loving it here.

That usually involve getting wet.

But he’s also a big fan of the forest.

And its inhabitants.

We have to encourage him to sloe down at times as it’s all very exciting.

How to get here

Standon is just a short drive from Ware, Buntingford and Albury, and no longer than 15-20 minutes from Hertford and Bishops Stortford.

Once you reach Standon High Street, take the small, winding Paper Mill Lane, near The Star country pub. Follow the lane and park close to the river (roughly where I’ve marked a black dot). There are only a couple of spaces here but that is usually not a problem.

Somehow, it seems that not many people know about this place.

But I’ve no idea how.

It’s really berry nice.


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