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best baby carriers 2019

Among all the differing opinions, advice and personal preferences of parents I’ve spoken with throughout my pregnancy, they all agree on one thing. Baby carriers are THE best investment and an absolute must for new parents.

When baby is first born, all they want is to be close to you. Not only is your scent and heartbeat reassuring to them but being close to your skin actually helps baby regulate their own temperature. Plus this is such an important way for you to bond with your new baby.

Baby carriers mean that you can snuggle baby in close to you from the moment you get up in the morning and still have both hands free to make that all important cup of tea, brush your hair or – for optimistic types – do some tidying around the house.

Which baby carrier is best?

Every mum I’ve spoken to has used a different baby carrier or sling so I’m left wondering… which is best for newborns and do most baby carriers do the job up until around one year old?

First up, the facts.

Newborns must be sitting in the natural C-spine position in their baby carrier.

Soft, stretchy baby carriers or slings are ideal for newborns as the fabric moulds around their natural shape, allowing some movement but also helping swaddle the baby for their comfort and security.

The belt and buckle types are probably best suited to older babies and outdoor carrying, when you’ve more weight to distribute and would like the option to have baby forward facing.

All baby carriers are great for colic and reflux as the baby is in an upright position. You can also use pretty much all stretchy wraps for feeding to provide extra support for you and baby. Find out more about breast and bottle feeding safely in a sling.

Armed with this new knowledge, I ventured out into the great wide world to try out five of the most popular and most highly reviewed baby carriers in the market this year. Here’s the verdict.

The best baby carriers and slings for newborns and up

Voted Best Baby Carrier of the year at the Mother & Baby Awards 2019

FreeRider Co Baby Carrier

“The attention to detail is just amazing. You can tell that this wrap is the brain-child of someone why knows what parents need. Everything about it feels premium; the presentation in the box, the how to guide, the design, the feel of the material, how it looks when wearing it – it’s just brilliant.” – MOTHER & BABY AWARD WINNERS 2019

Freerider Co Baby Carrier
  • 100% Tencel – made from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees and one of the most sustainable fabrics available.
  • Suitable from birth to 13.6kg
  • Machine washable

Freerider Co – from £49.99

Super stylish baby wraps which are a real treat for both mum and baby.

These one size fits all wraps are suitable for use by both mum and dad, and are certainly the most visually appealing baby carriers on the market (without spending hundreds of pounds). They’re silky soft and come in a huge choice of colours and patterns.

Tencel fabric is extremely lightweight and breathable, which makes it well suited for baby carrying all year round – especially if you’re planning to take baby somewhere hot and sunny in their first year.

The wraps are a little intimidating to use at first but your baby carrier will arrive with a how to guide, and easy to follow video tutorials on the Freerider Co website will help explain how you can tie your wrap in no time.

A stylish, comfortable choice for eco conscious consumers seeking sustainable products that are made to last.

Best All Rounder

Ergobaby Aura Baby Carrier Wrap

Ergobaby is one of the best known baby carrier brands in the market, setting the industry’s gold standard for soft, structured carriers.

Ergobaby Aura Baby Carrier Wrap
  • 10 year guarantee included
  • 100% Viscose made from eucalyptus & acacia
  • Suitable from birth to 11.3kg
  • Machine washable

On sale – mamas&papas – Now £39.92 (Indigo) | For Grey Stripe see John Lewis – £49.90.

This baby carrier wrap is easy to tie and is suitable for all sizes, so can be worn comfortably by both mum and dad. The benefit of tie wraps is that if there is some degree of stretching over time you can tighten the wrap – something you can’t do with fixed size baby carriers.

This sling feels great quality, lightweight and stretchy, and baby feels very secure. Getting the hang of how to tie the baby carrier took me a little while but after watching a YouTube video and having a play around it was simple enough.

The carrier folds up nicely so can be easily transported inside a baby bag. The pockets are great for tucking in a muslin or your phone as you go about your daily activities with baby happily snoozing on your chest.

This sling was definitely cozy enough for newborns yet supportive enough for older babies up to around one year old.

I loved the design of the grey stripe baby carrier in particular, which is great for both sexes, and I didn’t mind going out in public wearing it.

Easiest to use

Baby K’Tan Carrier

The Baby K’Tan Carrier is a great option for parents looking for a simple to use baby carrier that’s quick and easy to put on and supports baby comfortably.

Baby K’Tan Carrier
  • 100% soft cotton jersey fabric
  • Suitable from birth to 15.8kg
  • Comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.
  • Machine washable

JoJo Maman Bebe – £50

This was definitely one of the easiest baby carriers to put on and can be worn in a number of different ways to achieve multiple carrying positions with no wrapping or tying required.

The baby carrier is good quality and feels sturdy, however ensuring you choose the right size is important in ensuring that baby is held securely against your chest. You would probably have to order a different size for dad to use which of course, makes this product more expensive.

Some mums have said that the material does stretch and need readjusting over time, so this baby carrier is probably best suited to indoor use where movement is more minimal.

Best value for money

Funky Flamingo Baby Carrier

With a 4.5 star rating and almost 1500 reviews, this Funky Flamingo Baby Carrier from Amazon is hard to ignore at around half the price of most better known brands.

Funky Flamingo Baby Carrier
  • 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • Suitable from birth to 15.8kg
  • 100% Money Back & Infinity Replacement Guarantee
  • Machine washable

Amazon – £24.97

This stretchy but sturdy baby carrier is quick and easy to tie on, and one of my favourite features was that you’re not presented with reels of excess fabric. It’s a simple tie that is just the right length to fit both mums and dads of all sizes.

The sturdy fabric holds baby safely and securely, and I felt able to move around the house confidently.

Despite this, it did feel as though there was a generous amount of elasticity to help easily manoeuvre baby for feeding.

At this price – and with a lifetime guarantee – I can see why this baby carrier has such great reviews.

Most stylish

Artipoppe Zeitgeist Baby Carrier

The designer handbag of baby carriers, The Artipoppe Zeitgeist carriers come in a huge variety of colours, textures and patters for the fashion-conscious parent – but fashion comes at a price dahling.

  • 100% vegan
  • Suitable from birth up to 2 years
  • Dry clean only

Artipoppe – from £247

This one-size-fits-all luxury baby carrier definitely has the wow factor where style, comfort and quality is concerned.

It boasts multiple ergonomic positions and comfortable padded straps and waistbands for maximum comfort and even weight distribution.

These are beautiful baby carriers for those who can – and want – to splurge on a statement style piece.

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