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Parenting in pandemic

Parenting in a Pandemic

Diary of a new mum with a new baby in a new world My son Cameron was born at home in April 2020 during the worst Covid peak any of us had experienced so far. The pandemic was new to us. As was parenthood. So it was impossible to predict how both would coexist. Impossible...

baby kicks frequently asked questions

Baby Kicks: Everything I wish I’d known

When I felt my baby kick and wriggle for the first time I wasn’t entirely sure that it was really him. What was that odd little twitch? I had been waiting for the flutter of butterflies or popping bubbles (which is how many women describe these first baby kicks) but what I had just felt...

women in birth

In the birthing room, we matter too

My Private Midwife shared something really important with me today. Once a month, Trish visits me at home for a couple of hours. We drink decaf tea (my infliction), she checks the baby over, asks how I’m doing and we have a good old catch up about life, work and littles. And she always leaves...

best baby carriers 2019

Best Baby Carriers & Slings for Newborns +

Among all the differing opinions, advice and personal preferences of parents I’ve spoken with throughout my pregnancy, they all agree on one thing. Baby carriers are THE best investment and an absolute must for new parents. When baby is first born, all they want is to be close to you. Not only is your scent...