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hypnobirthing practice and tips

Hypnobirthing – a Guide to Getting Started

Everything you need to know about hypnobirthing – from a pregnant woman practicing. Hypnobirthing has become a bit of a trend, and is something that many pregnant women swear by whilst others remain sceptical. As a big fan of yoga, I have already dipped my toes into the world of mind-body connection, breathing techniques for...

baby kicks frequently asked questions

Baby Kicks: Everything I wish I’d known

When I felt my baby kick and wriggle for the first time I wasn’t entirely sure that it was really him. What was that odd little twitch? I had been waiting for the flutter of butterflies or popping bubbles (which is how many women describe these first baby kicks) but what I had just felt...

women in birth

In the birthing room, we matter too

My Private Midwife shared something really important with me today. Once a month, Trish visits me at home for a couple of hours. We drink decaf tea (my infliction), she checks the baby over, asks how I’m doing and we have a good old catch up about life, work and littles. And she always leaves...

second trimester

Settling Into The Second Trimester

I felt as though I’d gotten off quite lightly in the first trimester. I wasn’t sick and didn’t think I felt too bad at all. But then I reached week 14 of my pregnancy and almost overnight, I felt like a new woman. I could walk up stairs without getting out of breath. All of...

best baby carriers 2019

Best Baby Carriers & Slings for Newborns +

Among all the differing opinions, advice and personal preferences of parents I’ve spoken with throughout my pregnancy, they all agree on one thing. Baby carriers are THE best investment and an absolute must for new parents. When baby is first born, all they want is to be close to you. Not only is your scent...

midwife care early pregnancy

How I came to make the best decision of my pregnancy so far

Finding out that I was pregnant was exciting, terrifying and confusing all at once. Everything was completely new to me but I felt as though I should know what to do. The fact was, I didn’t. I didn’t want to tell friends and family the news yet because I was still processing it, and between...

pregnancy first trimester to do list

I’m pregnant! Now what?

Ten weeks ago I was that gal – waiting nervously with pee stick in hand to find out if life was about to change forever. Positive. Nothing can prepare you for the shock / elation / disbelief / terror that that little blue line evokes – even if, like me, you were planning to start...