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lifestyle blogger

So this is my very first blog post. Not ever, obvs, but here… on my new site.

I thought long and hard (actual time – 2-3 minutes) about how to start. What should my first post be about? Well I set this thing up to share stories about me, my life; to connect with others who are interested in what I have to say… at least some of the time.

I landed on the subject of lifestyle blogging, as that’s kind of what I’ll be doing.

Blogging about my life.

I must admit, the concept feels a little strange; a bit like having neighbours or old school friends peering into your window at night to see what you REALLY get up to behind closed doors. A glimpse at the real, naked (I do generally wear clothes), uncensored ME.

And that got me thinking. Aside from pouring out my thoughts and feelings to a faceless audience, what else might I have to do to make sure that I don’t become ‘just another lifestyle blogger’.

What makes women, like me, follow lifestyle bloggers; hungrily devouring weekly stories and maniacally double clicking instagram posts? GIVE ME MORE.

What makes women, like me, want to join the club – to get in on the action?

Well the answer, really, is simple.

my friends are better than yours

It’s quite pathetic but after a while, the lifestyle bloggers we follow become, like, friends.

We have a genuine interest in what they’ve been up to. They’re like characters in a great book that doesn’t have to end. Like friends we catch up with over a glass of wine without having to actually organise anything or leave our sofas.

Of course the reality is that we only get to see the best bits. We don’t hear about how bored they were today, or learn that they didn’t get dressed yesterday because life just got a bit too much.

Lifestyle bloggers tend to be perfect friends with perfect lives.

Strangely, we’re not jealous of them. In fact, we get to copy them because – unlike our real friends – they’ll probably never know we have.

Lifestyle blogging is strange, isn’t it.

I’d never thought about it from the lifestyle blogger’s perspective before now. What do they want to get from this?

I’m here because I want to create something of an online diary, really. Somewhere to share stories of my adventures and not-so high octane great news. Somewhere to post photographs and connect with others who share similar interests.

There are probably more lifestyle bloggers in the world than coffee shops but remember, nobody will ever be you.

You are amazing. You are different.

You are not Starbucks… you are an independent coffee shop with the best home brewed beans this side of London. You’ve got something to offer than no-one else has.

So many of us put off starting something new and jumping feet first with no armbands into ‘that thing’ we’ve always wanted to do.

But remember everyone has to start somewhere. Even those super well known ones started from the bottom.

And that’s kind of where I’m at.

Find out more about me.

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