Packing for a Babymoon

packing for babymoon

I’ve never been a particularly organised packer.

I mean, sure… I fold my clothes and I separate my beach bits from my evening wear but my usual approach to packing involves bringing everything. Like, all the stuff I might wear and usually stuff I kind of know I probably won’t wear.

That was until the babymoon.

Being six months pregnant forces you to plan outfits, primarily because a lot of the excess stuff I’d usually throw into my suitcase for good measure doesn’t fit me any more.

I told myself that I wouldn’t waste money buying lots of maternity wear because I’ll be using it for such a short period of time so I decided to get smart and get organised.

Here’s how I approached the packing party.

Step 1. What still works?

My summer wardrobe pre pregnancy was a combination of both fitted and floaty outfits. I was sure that the floaty outfits would still work. They didn’t.

It seems not only have my boobs and belly gotten bigger but my back has too, and any kind of waistband from which fabric once freely floated is now a no no.

I almost got stuck in a firm favourite and had to resort to scissors.

I also tried on some of my ‘bigger’ shorts that I had previously used on ‘fat’ days. Again, not made for a momma bod.

I found that the only outfits that really worked still were cotton maxi dresses.

Fortunately, I love a maxi and once I tried a few on realised that they flattered my new figure, in that I didn’t just look festively plump – I actually looked pregnant. Time to embrace the bump!

Plus, what’s more comfy than a maxi dress?

PS. Also incredibly suitable for exploring Dubai as knees are covered.

Step 2. The Investment piece

Having sifted through my already oversized wardrobe I realised that there was a gap that could be filled which would enable me to make up a couple of new outfits.

I had a handful of tops that would still work with bump but the only suitable leg-wear I possessed were black leggings (not very Dubai) or the one pair of casual light blue maternity jeans I’d purchased in Autumn.

I needed a pair of white maternity jeans. I bought these ones from ASOS.

This one pair of super comfy, summery trousers would make up a whopping four outfits using my existing tops. And all for just £25.

Step 3. Any extras?

I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist shopping for a couple of new outfits. After all, this was Dubai dahling and I envisaged myself floating around the five stars glowing radiantly, snapping selfies a’plenty for the gram and the memory bank.

(In actual fact: forgot to take any photos until the last two days because I was that relaxed – and may have had a small meltdown about how fat my arms looked in the first couple of shots.)

So I picked up mum and we headed to Watford to hit the January Sales in search of a few new frocks.

As it turns out, we got lucky.

The first shop we went into was Mango and I found four new outfits in the sale. But here’s the important bit – each of said outfits I’ll be able to wear post pregnancy!

This cute spotty dress I actually bought in my original size, as it’s deliciously floaty and fit my growing bump just perfectly.

A stretchy, strappy green dress and cotton jumpsuit are also outfits I can wear when I’m back to my original size.

Naturally, I bought a new bikini – this green polka dot one from M&S was amazing – and bought my usual size 10 for the bottoms and a size 12 top.

The top was really supportive and really suited my new shape. In fact, I’m considering buying a size up so that I can use this bikini on our first holiday with baby, when I’m breastfeeding.

Step 4. Flat lay your outfits

This is something I’ve seen many bloggers do and have always been a tad envious at their enthusiasm to organise in such a bloody brilliant way.

But once I started I actually loved it. Being organised felt good!

packing for a babymoon

Feeling like organised packing goddess right about now.

Step 5. Go to bed

After all the flat laying and photographing and bending over (packing specific – just to clarify), I was ready to crash.

Packed and prepped for the trip, and having recruited hubby to iron my travelling outfit (from ASOS – not maternity wear but so comfy, buttery soft and stylish I’d highly recommend for ladies of all shapes and sized) I hit the hay and dreamt of a far away land that was actually only one sleep away.

Happy holidays!

packing babymoon
My deliciously comfy travelling outfit

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