Settling Into The Second Trimester

second trimester

I felt as though I’d gotten off quite lightly in the first trimester. I wasn’t sick and didn’t think I felt too bad at all.

But then I reached week 14 of my pregnancy and almost overnight, I felt like a new woman.

I could walk up stairs without getting out of breath. All of a sudden, I craved salad and fruit again. My bouts of ravenous hunger dissipated and I could eat a normal amount of food. Two breakfasts became one again, and I didn’t have to eat dinner by 6:30pm to avoid hanger setting in.

And perhaps best of all, I wasn’t as tired. I could actually make evening plans and feel pretty certain that I could stay awake to keep them.

I could walk for longer, exercise at the gym again and attend my weekly yoga class without having to stuff bananas in my face an hour beforehand to make sure I could see the session through until the end.

The second trimester had finally arrived and it had shone a new and very different light on just how blah I’d actually felt in those first couple of months.

I was me again. Me with a growing waistline but me, nonetheless.

Here’s what I have been up to in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Preparing the nursery

Granted, I started planning the nursery quite early on. But I now had the energy and enthusiasm to actually go out and buy the paint, and get stuck in with decorating.

I’ve chosen a gorgeous pale, buttery yellow from Farrow and Ball called New White. It’s warm without being overpowering and will work just wonderfully in any nursery, large or small.

Some of my other key buys include:

  • Pottery Barn Cot – expensive but beautiful – this transforms into a child’s bed so can be used until your tot is around four year old.
  • Wayfair chest of drawers – there’s no need to spend money on a purpose-built changing table. You won’t use it for long and then you’re stuck with a piece of furniture you don’t like / can’t use.
  • Changing basket – to sit on top of the chest of drawers and move about with you when needed.
  • Playmat – from mimi-bear shop
  • Moses basket – for baby to sleep in wherever you are. Get baby used to sleeping through everyday noises.
  • Nursery wall light – great for a unisex, neutral or woodland themed nursery (and now on sale!).

I’m planning on enlisting the help of my artistic father to paint Beatrix Potter woodland characters on the walls as I just love the idea of having something entirely unique and personal for Baby T to grow with.

A woodland theme is ideal for us and fits with where we live – a little thatched cottage in the countryside. I look forward to spotting real bunnies, squirrels, birds and deer from the window with Baby when he’s older.

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Preparing for the babymoon

In an earlier post, I revealed that I’ll be going to Dubai in January 2020 for my babymoon. I’ll be just the right amount of pregnant by then to indulge and enjoy the benefits of rest and relaxation without the concerns of flying too late in the pregnancy or feeling uncomfortably huge.

And so my second trimester has involved preparing for the trip.

Raiding my wardrobe for summer dresses that may still fit and scouring the web for new maternity outfits that will help me blend in with Dubai’s finest whilst staying cool and comfortable.

For me, the best maternity clothes in terms of range, price and quality are from and H&M. If you’re willing to spend a little more, Isabella Oliver is a fantastic maternity wear brand.

I have only bought a handful of maternity clothes, including one pair of maternity jeans, one pair of maternity leggings and a few maternity tops.

I find that I can make do with a lot of my existing tops and stretchy dresses. Perhaps this will change by trimester three!

What I have invested in are good maternity bras which are now in the Mothercare Sale. A good bra is worth every penny and should (hopefully) minimise stretch marks and help me fight gravity. Please god.

Preparing a Birth Plan

So I may be ahead of the game with this one but I thought now would be a good time to start thinking about my birth plan.

Starting now means that I have plenty of time to deliberate on my preferences and to really consider my options.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I found Milli Hill’s The Positive Birth Book absolutely incredible in helping me understand what choices we all have in the birthing room.

This book strips birth back to the basics and discusses how us women are designed to give birth in a natural and simple way, without the bright lights and interventions of hospital wards, if and where possible.

The book also includes many helpful birth plan templates and includes everything you’ll need to consider to ensure that you are empowered at the birth of your baby.

I’m now flicking through the book for a second time and furiously making notes to help me design my own birth plan – or birth wishes – as its important to expect the unexpected in birth!

Getting to know my midwife

I’m very fortunate to have my very own private midwife called Trish.

Trish comes to my house each month to check how we’re doing, listen to baby’s heartbeat and to discuss the latest real crime box sets and TV series.

We sit down with tea and biscuits and have a good old natter – talking about babies and life in general.

It took me the majority of the first trimester to settle in to pregnant life and to get my head around all the changes happening and soon to happen. Plus, we all worry a little in those first few weeks when we’re waiting for test results and scans to confirm that everything is ok with the little human we’re growing.

The second trimester is a much more relaxed stage of the journey in my experience, which also makes it a great time to really get to know your midwife.

You can find out more about my decision to hire a private midwife here.


Now that my stomach is making a real appearance I have begun a nightly routine of moisturising everywhere between boobs and knees.

I alternate each night between Mamma Mio The Tummy Rub Butter and Bio Oil.

Whilst these wonder potions do help minimise the appearance of stretch marks, much of how our body’s change in pregnancy is already decided by our genetic makeup.

Spend your second trimester focusing on how incredible your body is for changing and adapting to support the new life growing inside of you.

Yes, you’ll be forever changed but what you’ll gain is so much more important than anything superficial you think you may lose.

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